How to book a cab in Agra for local sightseeing?

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Agra, known for its historical monuments & vibrant culture” is a must visit destination. Booking a cab for local sightseeing can make your trip more comfortable and convenient. Here’s simple guide on how to book a cab in Agra for exploring its famous sites. 
Select a reliable cab service 
The first step is to choose a reliable cab services, popular options include “OLA” uber” & local tour operators like Savari & Make my trip. Look for reviews and ratings to ensure the services is dependable. We, at Agra Taxi Service provides comfortable and reliable cabs in Agra for local sightseeing.
Download the App or visit the website
Most cab services have user-friendly apps available on Android platforms or you can visit their websites. Download the app of your chosen services or go to their web site to begin the booking process. 
Set up your account
If you don’t already have an account, you will need to create one enter your basic details like name, phone no. & Email Address. This will make future booking easier & faster. 
Enter your pick-up location 
Open the app or website & enter your pick-up location. you can type the address or use the GPS feature to detect your current location. In Agra, popular pick-up points include hotels, railway station & tourist spots. 
Select local sightseeing places
Many cab services offer specific options for local sightseeing. Look for an option like “local, hourly rental or Tour package. This option is designed for Travellers who want to explore multiple sites within the city. If you book a cab from Agra Car Rental, we have bundle tour packages that covers all popular places in the city.
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Choose the duration of your trip
Select the duration for which you need the cab in Agra. Options typically range for a few hours to a full day. For instance, you might choose a 4-8-12 hours package depending on how much you plan to see.

Choose the type of vehicle
Agra Cab Services offers different types of vehicles to suit various needs:

  • Sedan: – Ideal for small group, or families.
  • SUV: – Suitable for large group or if you have more luggage.
  • Luxury cars: – For a more comfortable & premium experience.
Check fare estimates
Before confirming your booking, check the estimated fare. This estimate usually includes charges for the selected duration in Agra & types of vehicles. Some services might also include a guide fee if you select optional for a tour package. 
Confirm your booking 
Review all the details and confirm your booking. You will receive a confirmation message or email with the cab and driver details, Including. 
  • Driver’s name & Contact Information.
  • Vehicle Number
  • Pick-up time
Enjoy your sightseeing 
During the trip, visit the famous landmarks of Agra such as the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Mehatb Bagh & Fathepur Sikri. You can track the cab’s location using the app. 
Payment methods vary by service. You can pay via cash, Credit/Debit card, or online payment systems like PayTM & Google Pay. 
Provide feedback 
After your Agra tour, the app will prompt you to rate your experience. Providing feedback helps improve the services & assists future travellers in making information decision.